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December 23 - Retro History From The 50s to 80s

On December 23, 1966 The final edition of TV music show 'Ready, Steady, Go' is broadcast. The special guests for the farewell show are the Who.

Ready Steady Go, 1966 TV

Retro Events For The Decade 1980

1987 Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, serving a life sentence for attempted assassination of President Gerald R Ford escapes from Alderson Prison
1986 Rutan and Yeager make 1st around-the-world flight without refueling
1984 Viv Richards scores 208 in Test Cricket at MCG
1983 Journal Science publishes 1st report on nuclear winter
1981 Boycott becomes leading run-scorer in Test Crickets with 8033
1980 Sam Shepard's "True West," premieres in New York City

Retro Events For The Decade 1970

1979 New York Islanders greatest shutout lose (8-0) vs Chicago Black Hawks
1979 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1978 Islanders scored 7 goals in 1 period against New York Rangers, Trottier scores 8 points vs Rangers, 5 goals-NHL record 6 pts in 1 period
1975 Congress passes Metric Conversion Act
1975 Peter Seitz makes Andy Messersmith and Dave McNally free agents
1974 "Good News" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 16 performances
1974 Leningrad: premier of Dmitri Sjotakovitsj' Michelangelo-liederen
1973 "Young and Restless" premieres on TV
1973 6 Persian Gulf nations double their oil prices
1973 French Caravelle crashes in Morocco, 106 killed
1972 16 plane crash survivors rescued after 70d, survived by cannabalism
1972 6.25 Earthquake destroys central Managua Nicaragua, 10,000 die
1972 Chandrasekhar takes 8-79 India vs. England at Delhi
1972 Islanders end 15 games winless streak
1972 "Immaculate Reception" Steelers turns around a 7-6 defeat with a last second touchdown reception against Raiders to win 13-7
1970 7,511th performance of Agatha Christie's "Mousetrap" (record)
1970 French author Regis Debray freed in Bolivia
1970 NY World Trade Center reaches highest point (411 m)
1970 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test

Retro Events For The Decade 1960

1968 1st U.S. case of space motion sickness
1968 82 members of U.S. intelligence ship 'Pueblo' released by North Korea
1968 Borman, Lovell and Anders become 1st men to orbit Moon
1968 North Korea releases Pueblo crew
1967 Brussels: NATO-Council accept "Flexible Response"-strategy
1966 The final edition of TV music show 'Ready, Steady, Go' is broadcast. The special guests for the farewell show are the Who.
1966 Britains rock TV show, "Ready Steady Go," last program
1964 India and Ceylon hit by cyclone, about 4,850 killed
1963 Beach Boys 1st appearance on "Shindig"
1963 Fire on Greek ship Laconia, 128 die
1962 Cuba starts returning U.S. prisoners from Bay of Pigs invasion
1962 Dallas Texans beat Houston Oilers 20-17 in AFL championship game
1961 KICU TV channel 43 in Visalia-Fresno, California (IND) begins broadcasting
1961 Train accident in Italy, 70 die
1961 Fidel Castro announces Cuba will release 1,113 prisoners from failed 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion for $62M worth of food and medical supplies
1960 De Quay's Dutch government falls
1960 King Saudi of Saudi-Arabia takes power

Retro Events For The Decade 1950

1958 "Party with Comden and Green" opens at John Golden New York City for 38 performances
1958 Abdallah Ibrahim forms government of Morocco
1957 Test Cricket debut for Wally Grout and Bobby Simpson vs. South Africa
1953 Dodgers 2nd baseman Jim "Junior" Gilliam wins NL Rookie of Year
1951 Last Belgian communities get electricity
1951 1st coast-to-coast televised football game (Dumont paid $75,000) Los Angeles Rams beat Cleveland Browns 24-17 in NFL championship game

Have a groovy vintage retro day!

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