Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24 - Retro History From The 50s to 80s

On December 24, 1956 "I Love Lucy" Christmas show airs, never put in syndication.

I Love Lucy, I Love Lucy Christmas Special, Lucille Ball

Retro Events For The Decade 1980

1989 Charles Taylor enters Liberia to unseat President Samuel K Doe
1989 Panama's dictator, Manual Noriega seeks asylum at Vatican embassy
1986 French hostage Aurel Cornea, held in Lebanon for 9 months, released
1986 Iran offensive against Iraqi islands of Shatt al-Arab
1984 Palace coup in Mauritania
1982 Chaminade, with a student body of only 850 students, beats #1 ranked Virginia 77-72 in a Honolulu holiday basketball classic
1981 Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa and Lisa Evers marry
1981 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1980 Americans remembered Iran hostages by shining lights for 417 seconds

Retro Events For The Decade 1970

1979 1st Ariane-rocket launched
1974 Cardinals' Lou Brock is named Sportsman of the Year
1973 Ferryboat capsized off coast of Equador, drowning 200
1971 Peruvian Airlines Electra crashes at headwaters of Amazon, killing all except Juliane Margaret Koepcke found 10 days later
1970 9 Jews are convicted in Leningrad of hijacking a plane
1970 Walt Disney's "Aristocats" is released

Retro Events For The Decade 1960

1968 Apollo 8 astronauts read passages from Book of Genesis
1968 WATU (now WAGT) TV channel 26 in Augusta, Georgia (CBS) begins broadcasting
1967 China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
1966 "Joyful Noise" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 12 performances
1966 Luna 13 lands on Moon
1966 USAF C144 military charter crashes near Binh Thai Vietnam kills 129
1964 Shooting begins on "The Cage" the pilot for Star Trek
1963 Greek and Turks riot in Cyprus
1962 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1961 Houston Oilers beat San Diego Chargers 10-3 in AFL championship game
1960 Dutch bishops question papacy values

Retro Events For The Decade 1950

1956 "I Love Lucy" Christmas show airs, never put in syndication
1956 Ferdinand de Lesseps statue blown up in Port Said Egypt
1954 Council for the Children Protection forms in Netherlands
1954 Laos gains its independence
1953 2 fast express trains crash head-on killing 103 (Czechoslovakia)
1953 KHOL (now KHGI) TV channel 13 in Kearney, NB (ABC) begins broadcasting
1953 KOA (now KCNC) TV channel 4 in Denver, CO (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 Rene Coty elected President of France
1953 Wellington-Auckland (New Zealand) express train swept away in flood kills 166
1951 1st televised opera (Amahl and Night Visitor)
1951 United Kingdom of Libya gains independence from Italy via United Nations
1950 Cleveland Browns win NFL championship, beat LA 30-28

Have a groovy vintage retro day!

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