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Jackson 5 make TV debut

Jackson 5 make TV debut on American Bandstand on February 21, 1970

Jackson 5

Retro History for February 21 The 50s 60s 70s 80s

Retro History For The Decade 1980

1989 Pete Rose meets with Commissioner Ueberroth to discuss his gambling
1989 U.S. bust Chinese ring, capture record 820 lbs heroin ($1 Billion street value)
1988 Actor Dudley Moore marries actress Brogan Lane
1988 Gustafson skates world record 10km (13:48.20)
1988 Televangelist Jimmy Swaggert confesses his sins to his congregation
1987 Cindy Rarick wins LPGA Tsumura Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
1987 Syrian army marches into Beirut
1986 AIDS patient Ryan White returns to classes at Western Middle School
1986 Tennis star Jimmy Connors fined $20,000 and suspended for 10 weeks
1985 Evert van Benthem wins 13th Friese 11 city skateing race
1985 Largest NBA crowd to date 44,970 (Atlanta at Detroit)
1985 Tim Raines is awarded a $12 million salary for 1985 by arbitrator
1983 Donald Davis runs 1 mile backwards in 6 minutes 7.1 seconds
1983 NBA San Diego Clippers begin a 29 game road losing streak
1982 "Ain't Misbehavin'" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 1604 performances
1982 "Little Me" closes at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City after 36 performances
1982 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Bent Tree Ladies Golf Classic
1981 "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe, murderer of 13 women, captured
1981 Japan launches Hinotori satellite to study solar flares (580/640 k)
1981 NASA launches Comstar D-4
1980 Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1500m in 1:55.44
1980 Hanni Wenzel is 1st Liechtensteiner to win Olymp gold (giant slalom)

Retro History For The Decade 1970

1979 Japan launches Hakucho x-ray satellite and Corsa-B (550/580 km)
1979 2 Iowa girls High School basketball teams play 4 scoreless quarters game was won 4-2 in 4th overtime period
1977 74 Unification Church couples wed in New York City
1976 "Rockabye Hamlet" closes at Minskoff Theater New York City after 7 performances
1976 Cardinal Willebrands installed as archbishop of Utrecht
1975 John Lennon releases "Rock 'n' Roll" album
1975 John Mitchell, H. R. Haldeman and John D. Ehrlichman sentenced to 2-8 yrs
1974 Israeli forces leave western Suez
1974 Silver hits record $5.96 an ounce in London
1974 Yugoslavia adopts constitution
1973 Chicago Black Hawks, record 262nd NHL game without being shut-out
1973 Israeli fighters shoot Libyan aircraft down, killing 108
1972 Michael Weller's "Moonchildren," premieres in New York City
1972 Richard Nixon becomes 1st U.S. president to visit China
1971 Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Sears Women's World Golf Classic
1971 Series of tornadoes cuts through Mississippi and Louisiana killing 117
1970 Jackson 5 make TV debut on American Bandstand
1970 Pathet Lao conquerors Xieng Khuang and Muong Suy

Retro History For The Decade 1960

1969 1st launching of heavy N-1 rocket at Baikonur Kazachstan (explodes)
1969 Ted Williams signs 5-year contract to manage Washington Senators
1968 150,000 demonstrate against leftist students in West-Berlin
1968 Baseball announces a minimum annual salary of $10,000
1966 Indonesia's president Sukarno fires General Nasution
1964 U.K. flies 24,000 rolls of Beatle wallpaper to U.S.
1963 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 Minister De Pous confirms natural gas reserves in Groningen Netherlands
1961 Friedrich Durrenmatt's "Die Physiker," premieres in Zurich
1961 Gabon adopts constitution
1961 Mercury-Atlas 2 reentry Test reaches 172 km
1960 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open

Retro History For The Decade 1950

1958 "Portotino" opens at Adelphi Theater New York City for 3 performances
1958 Egypt-Syria as UAR elect Nasser president with 99.9 percent of the vote
1957 Dodgers (Ft. Worth) and Cubs (LA) "trade" minor league franchises
1953 "Maggie" closes at National Theater New York City after 5 performances
1953 Francis Crick and James Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule
1953 Longest collegiate basketball game (6 OTs) Niagara beats Siena 88-81
1952 Bangladesh Martyrs Day (martyrs of Bengali Language Movement)
1952 Dick Button performs 1st figure skating triple jump in competition
1952 Liz Taylor's 2nd marriage to Michael Wilding
1951 South Carolina House urges "Shoeless Joe" Jackson be reinstated
1950 WOI TV channel 5 in Ames-Des Moines, IA (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting

Have a groovy vintage retro sunshine day!

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