Friday, March 4, 2011

1st CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped

1st CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped, to Los Alamos Laboratories, New Mexico on March 4, 1977.

CRAY 1 supercomputer

Retro History for March 4 The 50s 60s 70s 80s

Retro History For The Decade 1980

1989 Actress Phoebe Cates marries actor Kevin Kline
1989 Eastern Airlines machinists strike
1989 Javier Sotomayor high jumps indoor world record (2.43m)
1986 Border completes twin Test tons (140 and 114*) vs. New Zealand
1985 STS-51-E vehicle rolls back to Vandenberg AFB; mission cancelled
1985 Virtual ban on leaded gas ordered by EPA
1985 War veterans returned to the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
1984 Nancy Lopez wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
1984 Pee Wee Reese and Rick Ferrell elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame
1982 2nd double hat trick in Islander history-Bossy and D Potvin
1982 NASA launches Intelsat V
1980 40th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy
1980 Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF wins parliamentary election in Zimbabwe

Retro History For The Decade 1970

1979 "Grand Tour" closes at Palace Theater New York City after 61 performances
1979 200th episode of "All in the Family"
1979 Sally Little wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
1979 U.S. Voyager I photo reveals Jupiter's rings
1978 Chicago Daily News, founded in 1875, publishes last issue
1977 1st CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped, to Los Alamos Laboratories, New Mexico
1977 Colin Croft takes 8-29 against Pakistan at Port-of-Spain
1977 Earthquake in Romania, kills 1,541
1976 John Pezzin bowls 33 consecutive strikes at Toledo, Ohio
1976 San Francisco Giants are bought for $8 million by Bob Lurie and Bud Herseth
1974 David Hares' "Knuckle," premieres in London
1974 Harold Wilson replaces resigning Ed Heath as British premier
1973 15th Grammy Awards: 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face, America
1972 Erhard Keller (Germany) skates world record 1000m (1:18.5)
1972 Last train run between Penrith to Keswick United Kingdom
1972 Libya and U.S.S.R. signs cooperation treaty
1971 "City Command" kidnaps 4 U.S. military men at Ankara, Turkey
1970 French submarine "Eurydice" explodes
1970 Jacksonville is 1st college basketball team to avg 100+ pts per game
1970 New York Rangers set then NHL record of 126 games without being shut-out

Retro History For The Decade 1960

1968 Joe Frazier TKOs Buster Mathis in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. announces plans for Poor People's Campaign
1968 Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 5 launched
1967 Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by Towler and Ford (GRB)
1967 Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Belousova and Protopopov (U.S.S.R.)
1967 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Emmerich Danzer (AUT)
1967 Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champion in Vienna won by Peggy Fleming (U.S.)
1966 Canadian Pacific airliner explodes on landing at Tokyo, 64 die
1966 John Lennon, says "We (the Beatles) are more popular than Jesus"
1966 North Sea Gas was 1st pumped ashore by British Petroleum
1965 David Attenbrough became the new controller of BBC2
1964 Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering
1962 AEC announces 1st atomic power plant in Antarctica in operation
1961 Paul-Henri Spaak resigns as Secretary-General of NATO
1960 French freighter "La Coubre" explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100
1960 Lucille Ball files divorce from Desi Arnaz

Retro History For The Decade 1950

1959 U.S. Pioneer IV misses Moon and becomes 2nd (U.S. 1st) artificial planet
1955 1st radio facsimile transmission sent across the continent
1954 J. E. Wilkins, appointed 1st Black U.S. sub-cabinet member

Have a groovy vintage retro day!

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