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Riot Occurres at a Mott The Hoople gig

A minor riot occurred during a Mott The Hoople gig at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England. Some fans were injured and two boxes were damaged causing a temporary ban on rock gigs at the venue. The group paid £1,467 for damages to property on July 8, 1971.

Mott The Hoople

Mott the Hoople were an English rock band with strong R&B roots and dominant in the glam rock era of the early to mid 1970s.

They are popularly known for the song "All the Young Dudes", written for them by David Bowie and appearing on their 1972 album of the same name.

Their debut album, Mott the Hoople (1969), which was recorded in a week, was a cult success, and their repertoire included cover versions of "Laugh at Me" (Sonny Bono) and "At the Crossroads" (Doug Sahm's Sir Douglas Quintet), and an instrumental cover of "You Really Got Me" (The Kinks).

The second album, Mad Shadows (1970) sold poorly and received generally negative reviews. Wildlife (1971) fared even worse, and flirted with an overtly country-hippie stance and accordingly (usually) acoustic instrumentation. On 10 October 1970, Mott the Hoople and Bridget St John were showcased on BBC Two's, Disco 2. Even though the group was building a decent following, Brain Capers (1971) failed to sell well. A nadir came in early 1972 when, booked into fourth-rate European venues, they decided to split after a particularly dismal gig in a disused gas holder in Switzerland.[2] When combined with an aborted UK tour with The Lothringers, the band was close to breaking up.

Retro History for July 8 The 50s 60s 70s 80s

Retro History For The Decade 1980

1989 Carlos Saul Menum becomes President of Argentina
1989 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1988 Indians' Bud Black sets club record for most batters hit in inning (3)
1988 Miami Arena opens
1988 Rockers Jonathan "Chico" and Robert DeBarge indicted on drug trafficking
1988 Stevie Wonder announces he will run for mayor of Detroit in 1992
1987 Kitty Dukakis, revealed addiction to amphetamines for 26 years
1986 Farthest thrown object-an "Aerobie" flying ring, 383 m (1,257')
1986 NASA establishes Safety, Reliability Maintain and Quality Assurance
1986 Zimbabwe beats Netherlands by 25 runs to win ICC Trophy
1985 99th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats K Curren (63 67 76 64)
1985 Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red
1984 98th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: John McEnroe beats J Connors (61 61 62)
1984 Lauri Peterson wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
1983 Rudi Koopmans retains European middleweight title
1982 "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 5 performances
1982 Billy Martin records his 1,000th career win as a manager
1981 France performs nuclear test
1981 Prime Minister Maurois nationalizes banks/plane/steel industry in France
1981 Senate confirms Sandra Day O'Conner to Supreme Court (99-0)
1980 51st All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 4-2 at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
1980 All star MVP: Ken Griffey (Cincinnati Reds)

Retro History For The Decade 1970

1979 Congo adopts constitution
1979 Don Martina's MAN party wins election in Dutch Antilles
1979 Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
1979 Voyager 2 takes 1st ever photo of Jupiter's satellite Adrastea (J14)
1978 92nd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Bjorn Borg beats Jimmy Connors (62 62 63)
1978 Alessandro Pertini elected President of Italy
1978 Pioneer-Venus 2 Multi-probe launched to Venus
1977 Sabra Starr finishes longest recorded belly dance (100 hours)
1976 Randy Jones wins NL record 16 games before All Star break
1975 Israeli premier Yitzhak Rabin visits West-Germany
1975 President Ford announced he'll seek Republican nomination for president
1975 Quake damages over 2,000 temples in Pagan Burma, 20-foot-high seated Buddha of Thandawgya decapitated
1974 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear test
1974 Yank shortstop Jim Mason ties record with 4 doubles in 9 inn game
1973 Mary Lou Crocker wins LPGA MARC Equity Golf Classic Crocker
1973 New York Mets are 12 games back in NL, and go on to win pennant
1972 English prince Richard marries Birgitte of Deurs (Henriksen)
1971 A minor riot occurred during a Mott The Hoople gig at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England. Some fans were injured and two boxes were damaged causing a temporary ban on rock gigs at the venue. The group paid £1,467 for damages to property.
1972 U.S. sells grain to U.S.S.R. for $750 million
1971 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1970 San Francisco Giant Jim Ray Hart is 8th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (5th)

Retro History For The Decade 1960

1969 Thor Heyerdahl and reed raft Ra II land in Barbados 57 days from Morocco
1969 U.S. troop withdrawal begins in Vietnam
1968 Israeli-Egyptian artillery duel along Suez Canal
1967 74th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Billie Jean King beats A Jones (63 64)
1967 Helen Weston of Detroit rolls a record 4,585 in 24 games
1966 U.S. airline strike, until Aug 19th
1965 Joe Morgan is 1st Houston player with 6 hits in a game
1963 Reports of Charlie Finley's intention to move Kansas City A's to Oakland
1963 U.S. bans all monetary transactions with Cuba
1962 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Kelly Girls Golf Open
1961 Fred Trueman takes 5-0 in 24 balls to rip through Aussies
1961 Portuguese steamer "Save" breaks up off Mozambique, 227 die
1960 Fidel Castro ends Havana's International League team, Sugar Kings move to New Jersey

Retro History For The Decade 1950

1958 25th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 4-3 at Memorial Stadium, Balt
1957 Baeball Owners re-elect Commissioner Ford Frick
1957 CDC incorporates
1957 Irish premier Eamon de Valera arrests Sinn-Fein leaders
1956 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Syracuse Golf Open
1956 U.S. performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1954 KMOX (now KMOV) TV channel 4 in Saint Louis, MO (CBS) 1st broadcast
1954 Military junta selects colonel Armas president of Guatemala
1953 U.S. stops aid to Persia
1952 19th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 3-2 in 5 at Shibe Park, Philadelphia
1951 Yankee Joe DiMaggio and manager Casey Stengel feud
1950 33.4 cm rain fall at York, Nebraska (state record)
1950 57th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Louise Brough beats M duPont (61 36 61)
1950 General Douglas MacArthur named commander-in-chief, United Nations forces in Korea
1950 Leroy Deans awarded 1st Order of Purple Heart in Korea

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