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Ryan's Hope TV soap opera premieres

Ryan's Hope TV soap opera premieres on July 7, 1975

Ryans Hope, Soap Opera

Ryan's Hope is an American soap opera, revolving around 13 years of trials and tribulations within a large Irish American family in the Riverside district of New York City.

It aired from July 7, 1975 to January 13, 1989 on ABC. A total of 3,515 30-minute episodes were broadcast.

The premise of the Ryan's Hope show for its first two years involved the blue-collar, immigrant, Catholic Ryans and the three of their 5 upwardly-mobile adult children still residing in NY:

Frank, lawyer and aspiring local politician; Pat, physician at local Riverside Hospital; and Mary, aspiring journalist. The show contrasted the cultures of conservative parents with their more liberated, 70s-drenched children. Older mores about lifetime marriages, chuch-proscribed divorce, chastity outside of marital sanction were constantly being tested by New-World, New-Era urban values. Frank's political campaign for city council was challenged by a chain of events surrounding his paying off the Coleridge son who knew of the affair Frank was having with Jillian Coleridge while married to needy, frantic Delia. The political scandal angle would soon be reiterated with Frank's short tenure in the state senate. Delia would become involved with all three of Johnny Ryan's sons, Frank, Pat, and Dakota. The quasi-incestuous focus would be echoed in coming years by Frank's involvement with both Coleridge sisters, Jillian and Faith, and with Faith's involvment with Ryan brothers, Pat and Frank, and again with Jillian's involvement with half-brothers Frank and Dakota, and by Michael Pavel's involvement with a mother and her teen daughter. Mary became irresistibly attracted to a reporter exposing Frank's blackmailing scandal, the fiery Jack Fenelli, and eventually moved in with him without benefit of marriage.

These extramarital and premarital affairs, the attendant children out of wedlock, the careerist women, the assertion of abortion rights: the clash of generational values in the Ryan clan was interesting to viewers and there developed a passionate following for Kate Mulgrew portraying Mary Ryan. Mary's career and personal goals were given neurotic counterpoint in Delia's machinations with Mary's brothers.

Retro History for July 7 The 50s 60s 70s 80s

Retro History For The Decade 1980

1988 Soviet Union launches Phobos 1 to probe Martian moon (unsuccessful)
1988 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1987 Alan and Colin Wells make 303* partnership for Sussex vs. Kent
1987 Kiwanis Clubs end men-only tradition, vote to admit women
1987 Oliver North began public testimony at Iran-Contra hearing
1987 Yankees trailing by 7 score 7 in 7th on 7/7 and 5 in 8th-Beat Twins 12-7
1986 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 (updated) released
1986 It is reported Boy George is being treated for heroin addiction
1986 Jordan government shuts al-Fatah offices
1986 Supreme Court struck down Gramm-Rudman deficit-reduction law
1986 U.S. actress Deborah Hunter marries actor Michael Tylo
1985 92nd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (46 63 62)
1985 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mazda Hall of Fame Golf Championship
1984 5 die in a train crash in Williston, Vermont
1984 91st Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats Chris Evert (76 62)
1984 Frankie Valli marries Randy Clohessy
1983 11 year old Samantha Smith of Manchester, Maine, leaves for U.S.S.R.
1982 David Moorcroft of U.K. sets record for 5000 m, 13:00.41
1982 Steve Scott of U.S. runs mile in a record 3:47.69
1981 1st solar-powered aircraft, Solar Challenger, crosses English Channel
1981 Sandra Day O'Connor nominated for the Supreme Court
1980 Jim King completes riding Miracle Strip Roller coaster 368 hours
1980 Larry Holmes TKOs Scott LeDoux in 7 for heavyweight boxing title
1980 Shawn Weatherly, of USA, crowned 29th Miss Universe
1980 Jineane Ford, (AZ) replaces S Weatherly (Miss Universe) as 29th Miss USA

Retro History For The Decade 1970

1979 93rd Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Bjorn Borg beats R Tanner (67 61 36 63 64)
1979 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1978 85th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (26 64 75)
1978 Solomon Islands declares independence from U.K.
1977 12,000 police occupy university in Mexico City
1976 E. Henry Knoche, becomes deputy director of CIA
1976 Vernon A. Walters, USA, ends term as deputy director of CIA
1976 Viking 2 goes into orbit around Mars
1975 TV soap opera "Ryan's Hope" premieres
1974 Brewer Don Money sets record of consec errorless games at 3rd, 78
1974 Sue Roberts wins LPGA Niagara Frontier Golf Classic
1974 West Germany beats Netherlands 2-1 for soccer's 10th World Cup in Munich
1973 78 drown as flash flood sweeps a bus into a river, India
1973 80th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Billie Jean King beats C Evert, 60 75
1973 87th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Jan Kodes beats Alex Metreveli, 61 98 63
1973 All women board of directors takes control of ABA's Kentucky Colonels
1973 Baltimore Orioles pull their 4th triple play, 5-4-3 vs Oakland
1973 Glenda Reiser, Canada, sets record women's mile, 4:34.9
1973 Shoelace Park in the Bronx named
1973 1st all - U.S. women's Wimbledon, Billie Jean King beats Chris Evert
1972 1st women FBI members sworn in (Susan Lynn Roley and Joanne E Pierce)
1972 79th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Billie Jean King beats Goolagong (63 63)
1972 Dutch Minister of Agt decides to ignore soft drug usage

Retro History For The Decade 1960

1969 Canada's House of Commons approves equality of French-English lang
1969 Der Spiegel reveals Munich's Bishop Defregger is a war criminal
1968 23rd U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Susie Maxwell Berning
1968 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1968 Rock group "Yardbirds" disband
1967 81st Wimbledon Mens Tennis: John Newcombe beats W Bungert (63 61 61)
1967 Beatles' "All You Need is Love" is released
1967 Doors' "Light My Fire" hits #1
1965 Otis Redding records "Respect"
1964 35th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-4 at Shea Stadium, New York
1964 All star MVP: John Callison, Philadelphia Phillies
1963 Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Lady Carling Eastern Golf Open
1962 69th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Karen Susman beats Vera Sukova (64 64)
1962 Bill Hartack becomes 8th jockey to win 3,000 horse races
1962 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1961 75th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Rod Laver beats Chuck McKinley (63 61 64)
1961 James R. Hoffa elected chairman of Teamsters
1960 Netherlands - U.S. cemetery Margraten official opens
1960 U.S.S.R. shoots down a U.S. aircraft over Barents sea

Retro History For The Decade 1950

1959 26th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-4 at Forbes Field, Pittsburgh
1958 C A Milton scores 104* on Test Cricket debut, England vs. New Zealand Headingley
1958 President Eisenhower signed a bill approving Alaskan statehood
1958 William Shea outlines plans for a $12M stadium at Flushing Meadows New York
1957 Heavy storm ravages Belgian coast
1956 63rd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Shirley Fry beats Angela Buxton (63 61)
1956 Douglas Moore/John Latouche' opera "Ballad of Baby Doe," premieres
1956 7 Army trucks loaded with dynamite explode in middle of Cali, Columbia killing 1,100-1,200, destroying 2,000 buildings
1955 1st LPGA Championship won by Beverly Hanson
1954 T.A.N.U. party forms in Tanzania
1953 35th PGA Championship: Walter Burkemo at Birmingham CC Michigan
1952 SS United States cross Atlantic in record 82:40
1951 58th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Doris Hart beats Shirley Fry (61 60)
1950 1st Farnborough airshow held
1950 64th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Budge Patty beats Sedgman (61 8-10 62 63)
1950 79th British Golf Open: Bobby Locke shoots a 279 at Royal Troon

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